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Elevating an Outdoor/Travel Website with Strategic Link Building

  • 85

    Links built

  • 38

    Average DR

  • 284.395%

    Traffic Increase

  • 12mo

    Campaign Length

Campaign Overview

Our client’s website is the go-to spot for people who love outdoor adventures and travel, packed with a shop and courses to boost their experiences.

Although they’re based in Australia and have a solid local following, they wanted to make a bigger splash and pull in more visitors from the U.S. — a country where a lot of their potential customers live.

But here’s the thing: standing out in the travel and outdoor scene online is tough.

It’s not just about outshining other local businesses; the real challenge comes from going head-to-head with big-name websites that already have a strong hold on the market.

Our client has great content and offers valuable services, but they were kind of like a hidden gem that needed to be discovered by more people.

So, our mission was to help them climb up the search engine rankings and get noticed by more outdoor enthusiasts, not just in Australia but all the way over in the U.S. too.

It was all about getting their name out there and showing what they’ve got to a broader audience.

Strategy Development

In-Depth Website Analysis

To kick things off, we conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s current link profile and identified key opportunities to improve their online presence.

The audit showed that our client’s backlink profile was good. It had a similar domain rating to its competitors, however, most of its backlinks were pointing to the home page with almost no links to the service pages.

It also showed us that we need to build a total of 85 backlinks to 12 different service pages to get our client to the top of Google.

After thoroughly analyzing the competitors’ link-building velocity, our strategy was clear:

Build 7 high-quality guest post links per month, targeting service pages with high traffic potential.

In-Depth Website Analysis

Learn More About The Business

To truly amplify our client’s online presence, we dove deep to understand their business inside out.

We didn’t just have a chat; we had a comprehensive meeting where we dug into the nitty-gritty of what makes their business tick.

Our goal? To pinpoint the pages that matter most to them and, more importantly, to their audience.

We didn’t rely on guesswork. Together with the client, we sifted through their website, identifying the key pages that not only draw in traffic but also drive their business forward—these are the pages that resonate with their audience and bring in the most value.

Think of it as finding the golden nuggets that could really make a difference in their online visibility.

Armed with insights from the client and our own data analysis, we crafted a strategy that’s all about smart allocation. We looked at keyword difficulty—basically how tough it would be to rank for certain terms—and combined this with an understanding of which pages are the real moneymakers for our client.

Learn More About The Business

Rank The Service Pages in Australia

Once we had our strategy and priorities set, the next step was to elevate the client’s service pages in the Australian market.

We knew that local success was crucial for building a strong base and leveraging global reach.

Our focus was on localized SEO tactics—this meant optimizing for Australian-specific keywords and ensuring the content resonated with the local audience.

We also diversified the link sources, targeting Australian-based outdoor and travel sites to enhance relevance and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines.

This approach wasn’t just about getting any links; it was about getting the right links that would signal to search engines that our client was a key player in the Australian outdoor and travel scene.

Rank The Service Pages in Australia

Get More Traffic from The US

With the Australian base solidified, we shifted gears to tackle the US market, where a significant portion of the client’s potential audience resided.

Understanding the nuances between Australian and American search behaviors was key. We tailored our strategies to align with US-specific interests and search trends in the outdoor and travel niche.

Our link-building efforts expanded to include US-based sites, prioritizing those with a strong presence in the client’s industry.

This not only diversified the client’s backlink profile but also enhanced its authority and visibility in the US. We employed strategic guest posting, ensuring that every piece of content was insightful, valuable, and tailored to engage the US audience.

Get More Traffic from The US

Campaign Breakdown

December 2022

The campaign kicked off in December with a sharp focus on improving rankings for four key pages, which were already showing promise in the Australian market.

At the onset, these pages were ranking at various positions on the first page of Google, specifically at 9th, 10th, 7th, and 5th places for their target keywords.

To boost their standings, we deployed 6 powerful DR 60+ links pointing directly to these pages, using exact and partial match anchor texts.

December 2022

January 2023

In January, we zeroed in on the store page, which was sitting at the 17th spot for its primary keyword in the Australian market – a decent start, but we knew they could climb higher.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work, crafting and placing 4 DR60+ backlinks aimed at giving their ranking a solid boost.

But we didn’t stop there. Recognizing the opportunity to broaden our impact, we introduced 5 new key service pages into our campaign.

To kickstart their ascent in the search rankings, we distributed 6 DR60+ links across these new pages, not just focusing on one but enhancing several at once.

This was a calculated move to spread our efforts across the site, ensuring multiple pages received a boost, not just the main store page.

January 2023

February 2023

The Australian traffic to our client’s site climbed from 2,738 in December to 3,415 by the end of February — a testament to our strategic link-building efforts.

Even more impressive was the leap in keyword rankings, with an increase from 3,289 to 3,683, highlighting the growing visibility of our client’s website.

The store page, which was lingering at the 17th position, made an exciting jump to the 9th spot. It wasn’t a huge leap but it was a sign that we were on the right track.

We also honed in on regional specificity this month. We placed 5 strategic links to a dedicated landing page for New South Wales and 2 additional links for a dedicated page for Sydney, ensuring local relevance and stronger visibility in this crucial market.

February 2023

March 2023

March marked a strategic pivot in our campaign, focusing on broadening our client’s footprint in the US market. We identified a blog post with high potential to attract relevant US traffic.

To optimize our resources while ensuring effectiveness, we strategically placed 2 DR 30+ links to this post. Our analysis confirmed that these links were sufficient to elevate the post’s ranking without overspending, demonstrating our commitment to cost-effective and targeted link-building.

Additionally, we turned our attention to a course page that was hovering at the 8th spot in search rankings. To bolster its position, we introduced a single, well-placed link, aimed at nudging it higher on the search results page.

March 2023

April 2023

April was a month of remarkable achievements and notable milestones. The Australian traffic to our client’s site continued its upward trajectory, reaching 3,596 visits, coupled with a boost in keyword rankings to 3,727.

Across the Pacific, our efforts in the US market bore fruit as well. From December’s baseline of 370 visits and 2,442 keywords, we surged to an impressive 1,093 visits and 3,408 keyword rankings.

A standout success story this month was the Sydney landing page, which ascended to the 2nd spot in search rankings.

Meanwhile, the store page climbed to the 6th position for its primary keyword.

This rise is a testament to our focused and sustained efforts, reinforcing the store’s relevance and accessibility to potential customers.

April 2023

May 2023

Our targeted efforts in May included the creation of 13 impactful links, each serving a specific purpose in our broader campaign strategy.

A notable focus was on a course page that was already performing well, sitting at the 4th spot in its rankings. We added a strategic DR 30+ link to give it that extra nudge, aiming to elevate it to the top positions.

For a key service page critical to our client’s business, we didn’t hold back. We deployed 5 dedicated links to boost its visibility and ranking, emphasizing its importance in the client’s portfolio.

We also turned our attention to a page that showcases the best sites to visit in Australia. Recognizing its potential to attract US leads, we placed a link there, aligning with our goal to capture the US market’s interest in Australian travel.

And, of course, we continued to fortify the store page, a cornerstone of our client’s online presence. Three more links were added, reinforcing its standing and ensuring it remains a key entry point for potential customers.

May 2023

June 2023

In Australia, our efforts pushed the site’s traffic to 3,835 visits with keyword visibility soaring to 6,360, a clear indicator of our growing reach.

Remember the key service page we enhanced last month with five dedicated links? It paid off big time — it’s now ranked at the 1st position, a prime spot that significantly boosts visibility and traffic.

Our targeted approach also lifted two other service pages into the top 3 rankings, amplifying our client’s online dominance in their niche.

Additionally, the page featuring the best sites to visit in Australia achieved a 1st-place ranking in the Australian SERPs.

Over in the US, the impact of our tailored strategies was evident.

Traffic jumped to 1,995 visits, and keyword rankings increased to 5,809.

June 2023

July 2023

In July, we built 14 new links. A significant portion of our efforts was dedicated to the page highlighting the best sites to visit in Australia.

Although we already achieved top ranking in Australia, we added 7 more US-based links, using a mix of keyword-rich, miscellaneous, and branded anchors.

This strategy was designed to cultivate a natural-looking backlink profile, steering clear of over-optimization pitfalls while aiming to boost its rank in the US search engine results pages (SERPs).

The store page wasn’t left behind. It’s been a key player throughout our campaign, and this month, we gave it an extra push with 2 new links.

The remaining 5 links were divided among key service pages, especially the Sydney landing page.

July 2023

August 2023

We witnessed one of our course pages make a notable leap from the 4th to the 2nd position, a clear sign of our strategic finesse in action.

Our service pages weren’t just participating in the race; they were leading it, with many securing spots in the top 3 in search engine results pages (SERPs) across both Australia and the United States.

Additionally, the store page achieved a significant milestone by securing a position in the top 3 for its key search term.

In Australia, the metrics spoke volumes. Traffic soared to 5,561 visits, while our keyword visibility escalated impressively to 7,919.

Crossing over to the US, the story was equally compelling. Traffic surged to 3,896 visits, paired with a robust increase in keyword visibility to 7,522.

August 2023

September 2023

One of our main objectives in September was a service page that was sitting at the 8th position in the US market.

Recognizing its potential, we concentrated our efforts, crafting and placing 5 high-quality links to propel it towards the top of the search results.

Another focal point was a course page that was already performing well, ranking at the 4th position. But we weren’t satisfied with just ‘well’ – we aimed for ‘excellent.’ With that goal in mind, we introduced an additional link, meticulously selected to give that page an extra push, enhancing its visibility and reach.

Our client also unveiled a new service offering gear rentals, a promising addition to their portfolio. We jumped on this opportunity, conducting a thorough analysis to understand the best strategic approach. The result? Two strategically placed links, laying the groundwork for this new service to thrive in a competitive online landscape.

September 2023

Campaign Results

Our strategic link-building campaign delivered impressive results, significantly enhancing our client’s online visibility and reach in both the Australian and US markets. Let’s break down the notable improvements we achieved:

Australian Market Achievements:

  • Traffic Growth: We saw a remarkable 151.315% increase in Australian traffic, soaring from 2,738 to 6,881 visits. This substantial uptick is a testament to our tailored strategies and their effectiveness in engaging the Australian audience.

  • Keyword Expansion: The number of keywords for which the client’s site ranked in Australia leaped by 101.034%, growing from 3,289 to 6,612. This boost in keyword rankings underscores our success in broadening the website’s reach and relevance across various search terms.

US Market Achievements:

  • Traffic Surge: The US market witnessed an astounding 1269.19% increase in traffic, escalating from 370 to 5,066 visits. This exponential growth highlights our campaign’s capability to penetrate and establish a strong presence in the competitive US market.

  • Keyword Growth: In the US, we achieved a 191.605% increase in keyword rankings, with numbers rising from 2,442 to 7,121. This significant enhancement in keyword visibility demonstrates our client’s strengthened authority and visibility in their niche.

These results not only reflect our client’s growing online authority but also validate our strategic approach to link building.

We’ve not only met our objectives but exceeded them, establishing a robust online presence for our client in their key markets.

The increases in traffic and keyword rankings are clear indicators of the campaign’s success, setting a solid foundation for sustained growth and visibility in the digital landscape.

If you’re looking to elevate your website’s performance, a focused and strategic link-building campaign might just be the key to unlocking your site’s potential.