The No Bullshit Guide To Outreach Link Building Featured Image

The No Bullshit Guide to Outreach Link Building

You might be reading this and know me as the ‘outreach guy’. While I have scaled up a multiple six-figure per year link building company, I wasn’t always a self-proclaimed outreach god. Well bragging over for this one. How did I become good at outreach? I’ll tell you one thing, I definitely wasn’t born with … Read more


A Full Handy-Dandy Guide On Anchor Text Selection

Today’s post is all about anchor text. Anchor text is one of those things that seems simple until you break it down. Because of that, I want to go deep on anchor text once-and-for-all and dispel any bad myths out there. There’ll also be a breakdown of my favourite strategy for auditing and finding the … Read more

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Revealed: How To Identify The Best Links

How do you identify a good link from a bad link?  There are a lot of discussions, arguments, and opinions about this topic across the SEO industry. I hear so many SEOs say these things – all the time: • So-and-so’s links are the best links out there. • Or, this person has the best … Read more


How Many Links Do I Need To Build?

One of the biggest questions that we get asked at Get Me Links is “how many links should I build” or “what link building package should I buy for my website?” While we don’t take on responsibility for rankings, we still want to see our clients’ websites get insane success so that we can use … Read more


Does Website Traffic Affect The Power Of A Backlink?

One of the most-commonly asked questions that I get asked is: Does traffic actually help? Or, more easily explained: does the amount of traffic that a website has that is linking to me affect the power of that incoming link? If you consider the organic traffic of a site on Ahrefs or SEMRush, does this … Read more

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Guest Posts vs Niche Edits

One of the most common support tickets that we get at Get Me Links is whether you should buy a guest post or a niche edit. Here’s the rundown of both types of links, and towards the end, I’ll give you some strategies for using both so that you can work out what to do … Read more