Guest Posts vs Niche Edits

One of the most common support tickets that we get at Get Me Links is whether you should buy a guest post or a niche edit.

Here’s the rundown of both types of links, and towards the end, I’ll give you some strategies for using both so that you can work out what to do with your specific goals in mind.

Guest Posts

Our guest post process at Get Me Links involves creating manual outreach campaigns at the point of order. We essentially look for relevant sites to your target URL and outreach to a wide range of them based on how many links you ordered.

From here, we negotiate with sites that email us back to get a UK or USA piece of written content placed on that site which links back to your URL (or now multiple URLs). With this piece of content, we allow you to pick Reverse Relevance terms which allows you to include certain keywords, here’s how that might look:

The site will then place that article live and you’ll now have a hyper relevant page on as relevant a site as possible linking back to you from a website that generally constantly places a lot of fresh content on their site. You can see the full outreach process in this over the shoulder series that I made.

To sum up, Guest Posts are:

  • More relevant as you can control keywords in the article title
  • Sites tend to have more traffic as they are constantly targeting more keywords with the new content that they post
  • Sites are much fresher as they are constantly producing content, not just placing links

Niche Edits

At Get Me Links, we build our niche edits using similar outreach strategies to our guest post links. This means that we’re able to again, find real sites that are willing to feature you on their website.

The only difference in this process of reaching out is that we are not asking the website to place an article on their website, but instead we are asking them to put a link on an existing aged post.

With niche edits, we’ll generally try to find you a page that is as relevant as possible to your target URL by keyword searching the content on that target site. If there are multiple related articles on that site, we will also try to use one that has more external or internal links going to that specific page. Here’s an example of how that might look:

Buy guest posts with relevance

We’ll not be able to attract the full relevancy that you will get with guest posting using this strategy but they’ll be slightly cheaper as we don’t need to write content and more sites will place links on existing posts as to ones that will let you place new articles.

To sum up, here’s the benefits of niche edits:

  • Slightly cheaper than guest posts
  • Links are placed on old posts that may be considered to have more trust
  • Older posts may have more external or internal links going to them already

A strategy for using Guest Posts vs Niche Edits

Due to the lower control of relevancy on niche edits, we generally suggest that you use guest posts at a broader level on pages where you are trying to rank for specific keywords.

It’s been noted by countless SEO’s including Kyle Roof and Greg Morrison from OMG Machines that having your on-page of the page linking to you passes more juice and helps Google understand your pages better.

With pages that you are trying to rank, your goal is to do this – you want more power being passed, resulting in less link stuffing and you want Google to easily understand exactly what you’re trying to rank for.

Niche Edits, on the other hand, are a great tool to have in your arsenal when trying to build sheer power at a lower cost. I recommend using these to support documents on your website or certain homepage situations on a website.

What are supporting documents?

Supporting documents are pages on your website which are there for the main purpose of ranking another larger page on your website. For example, you might be trying to rank for “best dog toys” and you may create a few supporting documents titled “how to use dog toys” and “how to make homemade dog toys” for example. You would link those two supporting documents back to your dog toys page and you essentially now have inner page relevance and juice passing to your “best dog toys” page. You can now hit those two supporting documents with links with less relevance on them as they are essentially being cleaned in relevance by the inner pages that you have on your website.

Niche edits supporting website

This strategy is highly recommended for ranking main target terms on your website as internal clustering is a great strategy to build niche topical relevance for specific pages.

What homepages should I hit?

I recommend hitting homepages, where again, you’re not trying to rank for something on that page. If you’ve got a local sniper site that you’re trying to rank the homepage for – I’d move more away from niche edits on that page, but if you have a site about “Gardening” and your homepage just links to a bunch of articles that you’re trying to rank, then niche edits will work a treat here.

Summing up

I hope that this article has been a good insight for you in deciding what type of link to use for your specific case. If you ever need more specific help with deciding between guest posts and niche edits, please reach out to our support at with your exact scenario and we’d be happy to take a look.

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