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Journalistic Link Building is our premiere service where we get your business featured in top-tier publications.

We facilitate this by pitching to Journalists on your behalf. Leveraging our strong relationships and major PR platforms like Featured, ProfNet, and SourceBottle, we position you as the expert, placing your insights in publications that matter.

Gain Google’s Trust

Links from reputable news sources significantly boost your site’s credibility in the eyes of Google, enhancing your authority in the niche and improving your search rankings.

Get Media Exposure

Amplify your brand’s visibility as we place you in front of thousands of readers on leading news websites, increasing your market reach and consumer trust.

Get a Competitive Advantage

Obtain hard-to-replicate backlinks that give you an edge over competitors, establishing your brand as a leader in your field.

1. Book Your Free Strategy Call

Start with a no-obligation call to discuss your business goals and how we can align them with our link-building efforts.

2. Onboarding

Fill out our detailed onboarding form to give us insights into your expertise, bio, and more, ensuring our pitches are personalized and impactful.

3. Opportunity Vetting

We leverage our relationships with Journalists to identify relevant link opportunities before they go public, ensuring you never miss out.

4. Pitch Preparing

Our team of marketers and subject matter experts prepare a list of key insights for each pitch and then pass it to our expert copywriting team.

Higher Rankings!

7. Detailed Reporting

We keep you in the loop with comprehensive reports on our progress and your results.

6. Quality Assurance

Every pitch undergoes rigorous checks to maintain the highest standards of quality and relevance.

5. Pitch Crafting

Our top-tier copywriters turn the key points into compelling, engaging stories that grab attention.

We don’t actually control where or how many links you get with each pitch (that’s the point of going for such an organic approach). The way it works is simple:

Place a $3,000 deposit. We then pitch and secure links. For every valid link, its value will get deducted from your deposit per the table below:

Journalistic Links(Unique) Journalistic Links(Syndicated)
Do Follow No Follow Do Follow No Follow
< DR 40 $150 $80 $15 $10
DR 40 – 50 $260 $120 $26 $15
DR 50 – 90 $450 $170 $45 $25
DR 90+ $600 $200 $60 $30
  1. Direct Access to Journalists: We maintain existing relationships with top-tier Journalistic to ensure your story is told.

  2. Rigorous Vetting Process: Each opportunity is thoroughly assessed to align with your brand’s voice.

  3. Industry Experts: Our team consists of specialists in various fields to provide authoritative insights.

  4. Skilled Copywriting: We employ top-tier copywriters to craft pitches that are precise, engaging, and effective.

  5. Guaranteed Quality: Invest in results, with a payment model focused solely on impactful, high-quality backlinks.

  6. Unique Links: We guarantee unique, non-duplicated links tailored to boost your SEO.

  7. 100% Money-Back Guarantee: We stand by our service with a full refund promise if you’re not satisfied.

  8. Proactive Communication: Stay informed with regular updates and direct communication throughout your campaign, ensuring transparency and alignment with your marketing goals.

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