Have your backlinks placed into aged, relevant articles by our team on established websites through outreach.

See ranking improvements faster

Get backlinks from articles with both domain and URL authority

Gain better ROI than guest posting

"100% Clean White Hat Niche Edits."

"100% Clean White Hat Niche Edits."​


Ideal for the supporting content of bigger websites.

These links are cost effective and can produce great results in niches and on more competitive websites.

Used to diversify backlink profile.

Ideal for bigger supporting pages.

These links are strong enough to give significant movement in SERP while remaining affordable.

Make up 50% of the links we send to most niche websites.

Best for money pages in more competitive niches.

Get backlinks from the highest rated websites and largest publications.

Can also be used in less competitive niches to give a big push.

There are a few main benefits of niche edits:

We have relationships with editors on the site who will go in and edit an existing article for us. We have an inventory of over 20,000 websites which we can place links on, with a variety of different metrics and niches. We split all our niche edits down by Ahrefs domain rating metric.


  • The articles are already indexed and therefore we see ranking improvements quicker.


  • The articles will often already have T2 backlinks pointing at them, this is one of the main advantages over guest posts. As while a guest post might have good domain authority a new post won’t have good URL authority.


  • With our clients we are generally seeing a better ROI from niche edits. They work out cheaper than guest posts as we don’t have content costs.


  • Often the sites they are placed on don’t accept guest posts so some argue they are safer than guest posts.

"Get Started"

All we require is your desired target URL and anchor text and we can do the rest.

If you are spending over $1,500 our team will happily assist with anchor text selection – using the same methods as we use with our own client sites and person sites.

All of our niche edits are a one-time price, they are then guaranteed for life. We don’t do link rentals as we know recurring costs can really add up for an agency or individual.

Our TAT for Niche Edits is 3-4 weeks. If you have a larger order, estimates can vary – please reach out beforehand if you need links within a specific deadline. Once the links have been placed we will send you a full report with the URLs that your backlinks have been placed on.