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Skyrocketing a New Health Website to SEO Success


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Project Overview

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Think about setting up a new website in the health industry.

This is a field where people really need to trust what they read, and even Google pays close attention to every detail to ensure that trust isn't broken.

Although our client had a genuine business with 14 locations spread across four states, their website was starting from scratch when it came to SEO.

Their website had less than 30 pages, which makes sense as they were only relying on ads to drive traffic.

It also had no reputation or what we call (E-E-A-T), which is crucial because health-related information falls under the Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) category, where trust is vital to rank on Google.

This means that for our client to rank well, it must be recognized as a credible source of information, and this is tough for newcomers without a solid SEO foundation.

That’s without mentioning how saturated the health niche is with a multitude of websites, ranging from health service providers and product sellers to informational blogs and forums.

Our task was clear but challenging. The website had no SEO groundwork — it lacked authority, trust, and topical relevance.

In fact, the client was barely visible online, ranking for just 69 keywords and attracting under 50 organic visits per month.

Strategy Development

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Solid Foundation with Business Citations

When we dug deeper into our client's online presence, we discovered a significant gap: four of their locations were practically invisible in local search results.

We needed to make these locations visible to attract local customers, so we started with local citations. We made sure each citation was consistent across various directories, ensuring that the information was accurate everywhere. 

This boosted the visibility of these locations in local search results, making it easier for potential customers to find our client's services.

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Enhancing Topical Relevance with Comprehensive Content

At the start of the campaign, the client’s website had less than 30 pages. This was a major issue, as there is a limit to how much traffic we can get from service pages.

We advised the client to create more pages and interconnect them together. This included informational posts on disease symptoms, complications, and how to treat them.

This step was crucial for establishing topical relevance, showing both users and search engines that the website is a reliable resource in the health industry.

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Boosting Trust with Quality Guest Posts

There was a huge authority gap between our client and its competitors. They were far ahead of them when it came to SEO.

Without establishing our client as a credible source, ranking for competitive keywords in the health sector would remain a distant dream.

The best way to close the gap is to build guest posts on high-authority health-related websites.

These links will boost the website's trustworthiness and relevance, making it more likely for Google to rank it higher for relevant searches.

Screenshot 2024 03 29 102423 1 1

Amplifying Power with Link Insertions and Tier 2 Links

So far, we’ve been focusing on building our client’s trust and relevance. But power or link juice is what really moves you up the rankings.

To tackle this, we need to build link insertions on powerful pages with a solid backlink profile and juice up our existing links with a mix of tier 2 and tier 3 links.

This will provide our pages with the power they need to shoot up to the top positions.

Campaign Breakdown

  1. February 2023

    At the start of the campaign, our team meticulously built a mix of 28 guest posts and 800 business citations for 4 of our client’s locations, which helped establish trust and location relevance for our client’s service pages.

    We also worked on boosting the website's authority at a home page level, which is vital in laying a solid foundation for the website's long-term visibility and success in search engine results.

    To achieve this, we built 12 super powerful niche edits to the home page. This approach aimed to distribute 'link juice' across the site, improving the SEO performance and credibility of the entire website.

    Additionally, we built 5 more guest posts for informational pages. These pages had low competition, yet, the traffic potential was huge, so we wanted to lock these in as fast as possible.

  2. March 2023

    The focus this month was to amplify the brand's authority further. We built 9 more guest posts most of which went to the home page, reinforcing the foundation we built in February.

    Each of these new guest posts was then bolstered with 5 high-quality tier 2 links. This wasn't just about adding numbers; each tier 2 link was carefully chosen to support and enhance the guest post it linked to, creating a robust link structure. By the end of March, we had added 45 tiered links.

  3. April 2023

    By April, we began to see the fruits of our labor. The website's monthly traffic jumped from just 29 visitors to an impressive 756. Moreover, the site started ranking for more than 180 relevant keywords, a clear indicator that our efforts were making a significant impact.

    This progress was a strong signal that our strategy was working and that we were on the right path to establishing our client's website as a trusted and visible player in the health industry.

  4. May 2023

    In May, we continued our momentum by creating 9 new guest posts and 45 tier 2 links (primary 5 tier 2 links for each tier 1 link.)

    This month, our focus shifted slightly to concentrate on building links for a specific category or "SILO" on the website.

    This approach was designed to establish our client as a topical authority in a particular area within the health sector.

    By concentrating our efforts on this SILO, we aimed to create a concentrated, powerful presence on one topic, making our client the go-to source for this specific area of health information and services.

  5. June 2023

    Our strategy was more targeted this month. We spread out the link-building efforts by adding 1 link to each of the 6 different service pages.

    This helped increase the visibility and authority of these specific services.

    Additionally, we concentrated on the informational content by directing 3 of our guest post links to these informative posts.

    This dual approach aimed to enhance both the service-oriented and educational aspects of the website, broadening its appeal and authority in the health domain.

  6. July 2023

    July turned out to be an exceptionally busy month for our link-building team. We went above and beyond, building 27 guest posts, 18 niche edits, and 45 tier 2 links.

    All these efforts were focused on 6 key service pages for our client.

  7. August 2023

    August brought some exciting news for our project. The website's traffic skyrocketed to 6,067 visitors for the month, a huge leap from the previous numbers. Plus, the website was now showing up in search results for over 7,045 different keywords.

  8. September 2023

    September was an exciting month, as the client saw firsthand the impact of our efforts — more website visitors and, importantly, more appointments. Encouraged by these results, the client aimed to accelerate their growth.

    To meet the client's desire for quicker and more pronounced results, we amped up our strategy. We added 10 link insertions and 19 new guest posts.

    Additionally, we built a substantial network of support links: 145 tier 2 links and 60 tier 3 links.

    This intensified approach was designed to build on the momentum we had gained, aiming to drive even more traffic and secure more appointments for the client.

  9. October 2023

    In October, the results of our intensified efforts were unmistakably evident. The website's traffic more than doubled compared to August, reaching an impressive 12,890 visitors for the month. Additionally, the site's visibility in search results expanded significantly, with the website ranking for 17,545 different keywords.

    This remarkable growth in both traffic and keyword rankings illustrates the effectiveness of our comprehensive and layered link-building strategy, marking a significant milestone in our client's online presence and success.

  10. November 2023

    After a couple of high-intensity months, in November, we decided to return to a more standard pace of work.

    We focused on creating 9 new guest posts targeted mainly to the home page and informational pages.

    We also made sure to power up the links by supporting each guest post with 5 tier 2 links, totaling 45 tier links.

  11. December 2023

    The year ended on a high note in December, with the website's traffic reaching a remarkable 25,644 visitors.

    Additionally, the website's reach in search engines continued to expand impressively, ranking for 36,289 different keywords.

  12. January 2024

    The new year started with outstanding results. 

    In January, the website's traffic soared to 35,419 visitors, and the keyword coverage expanded to 48,470.

    This reflected the ongoing positive trend and the effectiveness of our strategies.

  13. February 2024

    The momentum continued in February, with traffic growing to 48,476 visitors. 

    The website's keyword reach also increased, ranking for 55,590 different keywords. 

    These numbers underscore the website's growing influence and visibility in its sector.

  14. March 2024

    March marked another significant leap, with traffic almost doubling to 88,451 visitors.

    Interestingly, while the traffic increased substantially, the keyword count saw a slight dip to 54,128.

    However, upon further investigation, it seems like the dip is caused by ahrefs updating their keyword database in March.

Link Building Results

Over the course of 12 months, we built a total of 180 links, averaging 15 links per month. 

The blend included guest posts and link insertions — each chosen with precision to maximize impact. We also built hundreds of tier 2 links to make our backlinks more powerful and maximize their effect.

By the end of the campaign, the client saw a staggering 323,851.7% organic traffic increase, going from merely 29 monthly visitors to over 90,000 visits per month.

Their SEO visibility also skyrocketed from an almost non-existent online presence to ranking for more than 54,128 keywords, marking a 72,070.7% increase.

Our client now also ranks in the top 3 local search results for all its locations, bringing in a consistent load of high-quality leads.

These aren't just statistics; they represent a business transformed, ready to serve and thrive in the health sector.

In the end, it wasn't just about links; it was about building a digital presence that Google couldn't ignore, in a niche where trust is paramount. And we did just that.

If you want similar results, feel free to book a courtesy consultation call with one of our expert link builders.

In this free call, we’ll take a look at your website and your top competitors, and develop a custom strategy to show you what it’ll take to boost your business’s SEO.

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