Guest Posts

Guest posts are a great way to get super-relevant backlinks for your site. With our guest post service, we don’t just use a database of sites we can post on, instead, every campaign is a unique outreach campaign.


DR 30+

Guest posts with a domain rating of over 30. We mainly use these type of links for our local sites and supporting content on our money sites.

DR 45+

Guest posts with a domain rating over 45. These are powerful links that will help your main pages move up in the search engines.

DR 60+

These are hard to acquire backlinks from sites with a domain rating of over 60. These are great for competitive niches for your sites.

Gambling Guest Posts

Get a gambling niche-specific guest post with 500 words of content, an Ahrefs Domain Rating of 30-45+ and 1,000+ Organic Visitors Per Month.

UK Guest Posts

Guest posts are a great way to get super relevant backlinks for your site. With our guest post service, we don’t just use a database of sites we can post on, instead, every campaign is a unique outreach campaign. We find sites that are relevant to you.



Confirm Your Target URLs / Anchors

Once you send off your order, just confirm your target URLs and anchor texts. If you spend over $1,500, our team can help with this. 


Custom Outreach

Our dedicated outreach team will begin the custom outreach campaign. We don’t work from an inventory as we don’t want to burn through sites quickly.



Sit back and relax and around 4 weeks later we will send you a report with your placement URLs.

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What Are Get Me Links Guest Posts?

Guest posting is a great, risk free way to build up your backlink profile. Unlike link building, which is against Google guidelines, guest posting is used by near to every successful website on the SERPS. It’s unlikely that Google will overnight hit guest posts as it would literally turn the SERP upside down!

A disadvantage of guest posts is that while they have a high domain authority there is very little URL authority straight away. One way to manipulate this is by using Tiered Links to the guest post. This means that we have PBNs link to the guest post. This increases the power to your site – without any real risk (we haven’t seen any penalties using this method). The majority of the risk is on the site that you are linking to opposed to yours!

Powerful In-Content Links

What makes our guest posting service different is that we aren’t just working from a large database of sites that we can post on. The problem with this is that if we have too many customers requesting site #235 for example we will either have to turn people away or worse let it get overrun completely with guest posts.

All our guest posting campaigns are custom outreach campaigns. We’re not saying that we never post on the same site but we aren’t actively trying to. This isn’t necessarily the only way to do things as it does have some downsides like we aren’t able to do quick turn around time links. The average turn around time is 4 weeks as we have to scrape websites, contact them, negotiate and get the content written.

This also means that you are able to make custom requests on metrics. We can try to accommodate any DA / DR / RD / traffic requirements you might have. For these you will have to contact us and we will work out a custom quote for you.

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Get Me Links is a must have link vendor you need in your arsenal. F*ck third party metrics, and just look at backlinks which move the needle. Get Me Links is one of very few link suppliers, who just get it right everytime!! They are the #1 tried, tested and trusted link vendor in our community and highly recommend.



I grabbed a handful of links from Get Me Links just over a month ago and woke up to these rank boners. After being out of SEO for over 2 years I decided to start a few new projects as part of my own website flipping case study showing the power of SEO + CRO when used in combination.



Get Me Links provided me with some amazing guest blog posts that did actually help me move the needle on one of my websites. If you’re looking for links that actually work and then you should check out the Get Me Links website and take a look at the Guest Post products that they provide.


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More About Guest Posts?

We offer domain rating (DR) as our standard metric on the site because it has worked well for us. While it isn’t perfect it can give a good idea of the quality of a site. 

All of our guest posts are guaranteed for life. We have never had a guest post drop but in the case that a site goes down or is taken over and the content removed we will replace it free of charge.

Our team is also very experienced and can work in niches that aren’t always the easiest to get guest posts on, which we call ‘bad niches’.

We can only offer up to DR45+ for ‘gambling’ guest posts. For other niches which google looks at with disdain, please get in contact with us regarding the pricing.

As with all our backlinks if you are spending over $1,500 our team will help you select anchor texts and target URLs. This is using the same systems that we use for our very own sites and clients.

Guest Posts | FAQ

Here are a few questions that we often receive if you have any further questions feel free to get in contact with us via the form above.

How safe is it to buy these links for my website?

Link building can be a risky business as google penalises websites for having dodgy links. However, guest posting is one of the safest forms of link building. The websites that we get links from are owned by real people and real businesses and have been gathered through a rigorous process of networking.

Who writes the guest posts?

We use writers who are from native English speaking countries. They scrupulously research material for your guest post and then write it up with the highest quality possible.

Can I choose the websites that I get my link on?

We don’t currently offer the ability for you to approve links before we place them, this is due to the fact that we create fresh campaigns for you upon ordering. The truth is, we don’t know the target websites until we do the outreach and find them for you, this is also why our delivery estimate sits at 3 – 4 weeks on Guest Posts.

How many links can I add to my guest post?

You can add up to 2 links per Guest Post. If you would like to add a second link, then please select this option while ordering. It costs $40 per extra target URL on each individual placement.

What if I want a higher Traffic Guarantee?

Worry not – you can select varying levels of guaranteed traffic on all of our Guest Post packages while ordering.

Do you pick the anchor text and target URLs?

Yes, if your order is over $1,500 we will happily help you select your target URLs and anchor text.

Are there any niches that you don’t accept?

We work with all legal niches with the exception of adult related categories.

Do you have samples?

Yes can provide a few samples if you would like, please get in touch with us with your niche and we will send some over.

Are there any bulk discount on guest posts?

Yes, we do offer bulk discounts to clients that are looking for over 10 links on a monthly basis. If you’re not looking for links at this level, you should check out our link building packages to get a better bang for your buck.

How many websites can I target with the “Add Another Target URL To Placement” upgrade?

You can link out to any target URLs that you wish. It can be 2 completely separate target domains if you wish. Many people use this upgrade to target their base URL and also hit some Tier 1 links for that same target website. Please note: watch that you don’t link out to the same 2 URLs too many times as this could cause potential footprints, we recommend only doing the same 2 target URLs once when using this upgrade.

Is every site you build guest posts on WordPress?

No, our team guest post on a variety of different websites, prioritising quality.

Do your guest posts have a certain amount of outbound links?

By default we randomise the amount of outbound links by 0-2 outbound links per placement. If you have a specific number in mind that you’d like to hit then please let us know after you order and we will be able to arrange this for you. If you are looking to add more than 1 target URL then you can add this on for an extra $40 per link.

How many links do I need?

Each client is likely to have different expectations, depending on a variety of factors such as budget and competition. We recommend a number of guest posts that is enough to beat the competition. Our team are on board to advise you about how many guest posts to use. Reach out if you need any help.