"Guest Posts"

Guest posts are a great way to get super relevant backlinks for your site. With our guest post service, we don’t just use a database of sites we can post on, instead, every campaign is a unique outreach campaign.

"Guest Posts Service"

"DR 30+"

Guest posts with a domain rating of over 30. We mainly use these type of links for our local sites and supporting content on our money sites.

"DR 45+"

Guest posts with a domain rating over 45. These are powerful links that will help your main pages move up in the search engines.

"DR 60+"

These are hard to acquire backlinks from sites with a domain rating of over 60. These are great for competitive niches for your sites. 

Gambling Guest Posts

Get a gambling niche-specific guest post with 500 words of content, an Ahrefs Domain Rating of 30-45+ and 1,000+ Organic Visitors Per Month.

UK Guest Posts

Guest posts are a great way to get super relevant backlinks for your site. With our guest post service, we don’t just use a database of sites we can post on, instead, every campaign is a unique outreach campaign. We find sites that are relevant to you.

"How It Works"


Confirm Your Target URLs / Anchors

Once you send off your order just confirm your target URLs and anchor texts. If you spend over $1,500 our team can help with this. 


Custom Outreach

Our dedicated outreach team will begin the custom outreach campaign. We don’t work from an inventory as we don’t want to burn through sites quickly.



Sit back and relax and around 4 weeks later we will send you a report with your placement URLs.  

"What Are Get Me Links Guest Posts?"

Guest posting is a great, risk free way to build up your backlink profile. Unlike link building, which is against Google guidelines, guest posting is used by near to every successful website on the SERPS. It’s unlikely that Google will overnight hit guest posts as it would literally turn the SERP upside down!

A disadvantage of guest posts is that while they have a high domain authority there is very little URL authority straight away. One way to manipulate this is by using Tiered Links to the guest post. This means that we have PBNs link to the guest post. This increases the power to your site – without any real risk (we haven’t seen any penalties using this method). The majority of the risk is on the site that you are linking to opposed to yours!

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"Powerful In-Content Links"

What makes our guest posting service different is that we aren’t just working from a large database of sites that we can post on. The problem with this is that if we have too many customers requesting site #235 for example we will either have to turn people away or worse let it get overrun completely with guest posts.

All our guest posting campaigns are custom outreach campaigns. We’re not saying that we never post on the same site but we aren’t actively trying to. This isn’t necessarily the only way to do things as it does have some downsides like we aren’t able to do quick turn around time links. The average turn around time is 4 weeks as we have to scrape websites, contact them, negotiate and get the content written.

This also means that you are able to make custom requests on metrics. We can try to accommodate any DA / DR / RD / traffic requirements you might have. For these you will have to contact us and we will work out a custom quote for you.

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"More About Guest Posts?"

We offer domain rating (DR) as our standard metric on the site because it has worked well for us. While it isn’t perfect it can give a good idea of the quality of a site. 

All of our guest posts are guaranteed for life. We have never had a guest post drop but in the case that a site goes down or is taken over and the content removed we will replace it free of charge.

Our team is also very experienced and can work in niches that aren’t always the easiest to get guest posts on, which we call ‘bad niches’.

We can only offer up to DR45+ for ‘gambling’ guest posts. For other niches which google looks at with disdain, please get in contact with us regarding the pricing.

As with all our backlinks if you are spending over $1,500 our team will help you select anchor texts and target URLs. This is using the same systems that we use for our very own sites and clients.

Guest Posts | FAQ

Here are a few questions that we often receive if you have any further questions feel free to get in contact with us via the form above.

This is a question we get a lot and yes we can please email support[at]charlesfloate.co.uk but to be honest it is very easy for a provider to send over their best samples and this not be the standard quality level. This is why we recommend everyone that is interested to give us a test run. We also occasionally have coupons so it’s worth checking before you process your first order.

This isn’t something we are currently offering due to how work intensive the custom outreach campaigns are but if you are making a large order get in touch with us and we will try work out something e.g. we might be able to provide a few extra

Honestly, we have been looking at this with all our link placements and it’s hard to give a number. Generally, we see movement around 4 weeks after the placement but there have been some which have taken up to 12 weeks to really see the full effect. It is also hard to track as with all our own sites we are constantly link building.

Yes you will receive link reports on all our links apart from tier 2 PBN links.

Please get in touch with us regarding this as it depends on a few things but generally yes we can provide guest posts with foreign anchors, although the surrounding text will be English as we don’t have translators etc.

For a standard guest post with a domain rating less than 75 I would stick to 0-10 with the majority having 3-5. While tier 2 backlinks are working I think it might look a little unnatural for every post you have to have a lot of tier 2 backlinks. Although this isn’t something that we have tested extensively, yet.

The guest posts generally will have between 750 and 1250 words. If you require extra content please get in touch, there will be an extra cost for this service. We haven’t seen any positive effects from having longer guest posts but we understand some people do prefer this.

We usually can but please get in touch with us to confirm the details as sometimes if you are going after a very small niche and want a specific TLD it becomes difficult if you want to maintain the relevancy of the backlink.

No this isn’t something we currently offer or intend to offer. If you have specific requirements or aren’t happy with a post we will do our best to accommodate but if it’s going to increase our staffing costs or time spent managing the campaign our costs will increase.