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We offer a selection of Backlink Packages at a purely one-time fee rate. With thousands of sites in our database, we can supply most English niches with these packages, including gambling niches. Choose your own anchor text across a variety of manually selected real websites.
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I grabbed a handful of links from Get Me Links just over a month ago and woke up to these rank jumps. After being out of SEO for over 2 years I decided to start a few new projects as part of my own website flipping case study showing the power of SEO + CRO when used in combination.

Kurt Philip

I consider myself a rockstar at On-Page SEO and I’m fully aware that link building is another key part of the SEO process. I like out outsource my link building and I’ve found Get Me Links to be one of the most reliable and dependable providers for links above many other services that I’ve tried and tested over the years.

Andy Haliday
OnPage Rocks

We've been working with Get Me Links for 2 years now and all the hard work has paid off. We're Number 1-2 for the big search terms we've been building and it's doubled our traffic and sales as a result. Can't thank Taylor enough!

User review
Piers Dickinson
Via Trustpilot

I have been working with Get Me Links for a few years now and their services always deliver results. When I need to move the needle in the SERPS I reach out to my manager in GML and he comes up with the analysis and the plan for my websites. It's not just about link building though, it's about getting the right sites with the right metrics, and this is what Get Me Links delivers.

User review
Ashlene Eastwood
Via Trustpilot

The best link provider I’ve ever worked with Great links. Excellent team and customer service. Even helped me with other SEO problems I had for free. Would definitely recommend them.

User review
Kami Turky
Via Trustpilot

Get Me Links provided me with some amazing guest blog posts that actually helped me move the needle on one of my websites. If you’re looking for links that actually work then you should check out the Get Me Links website and take a look at the Guest Post products that they provide.

Craig Campbell
Craig Campbell SEO

Get Me Links is a must-have link vendor you need in your arsenal. Ignore third-party metrics, and just look at backlinks that move the needle. Get Me Links is one of the very few link suppliers, who just get it right every time!! They are the #1 tried, tested, and trusted link vendor in our community, and highly recommend

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James Dooley

Get Me Links provided me with a review of my site for a very low cost. They provided a video to explain how to read my report. I was nervous about the mentor training call but they were amazing. I could tell that they really cared about my success, not just making a buck. They put me on a path to success. I highly recommend them.

User review
Christian Hefner
Via Trustpilot

I was very impressed by the quality of links delivered by the Get Me Links team. Being a part-time affiliate myself, I know the difficulties involved when finding good backlinks: Their service provided me with quality links with prompt delivery. I’m impressed by their systems and reliability as compared to many others.

Mads Singers
Mads Singers Management Coaching

We’ve used Get Me Links over the past 2-3 years for various projects and I must say the service is great – the process is smooth, TAT is excellent and the quality is great. We’ve used their links across many different pages on different sites and seen amazing overall results. Highly recommended!

Gareth Daine
Daine Media

Since working with Get Me Links, we have seen an uptick in ranks for core landing pages that we were targeting for certain keywords. Organic traffic was our only channel that maintained its traffic vs the bull market which no doubt would have been a result from the new link strategy we implemented based on Get Me Links' recommendations.

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Ted Coaldrake
Content and SEO Lead

The answers to
your questions.

Throughout the duration of the campaign we can expect movement, but real results come after the plan is completed.

We do monthly reviews of the links built as per plan. Additionally, we can include reporting on the keyword movement and traffic movement, any noticeable changes in the landscape post Google-update, etc, depending on your team’s need for support.

We design campaigns to be performed as a sprint of X amount of months, based on your ideal timeline, your budget, the competition, etc, you will need Y amount of links. Total Amount / Months = Links per month. Sometimes we can speed up and sometimes we need to do a slow start because your site isn’t ready for too many backlinks. TL:DR - it depends. Get a Link Report to find out exactly how many links you need per month to rank.

Of course. Once we’re engaged in a campaign, we can find you lists of suitable placements after we’ve done successful outreach if you’d like to do your own cross-examination before the links get placed, for your peace of mind. It makes things slower, but it is no problem.

Good old fashioned “Hey you, nice site, want to collaborate?” type of white hat link building outreach that opens up to “what did you have in mind” and ends up with you getting a link after we find out and give what that webmaster wants to be happy and link to you. Easy. There’s other methods. This is the one we’ve perfected and it works every time.

We certainly do! If you want to offload the whole thing to us and let us run your link building for you, please click here to get in touch with us so we can get you set up.

As safe as they get, to be honest. If we remember that Google doesn’t want you to build any links, we do them in a way where they look so natural that they should fly OVER the radar with Google’s approval.

White Hat Links are a mythical creature. The fundamental rule (as per Google - Source ) is that thou shall build NO links, ever. But of course, we must, because bringing down walls with your bare hands is painful so better get the tools and no tool does the job better at ranking your site than links so… what to do? We do them in a way that looks like we had nothing to do with the deal. That’s the only way. We reach out to real businesses, we collaborate with them, you get links placed, everything looks organic on the surface. This is the brightest off-white you’re going to get. Everything else is straight up playing with fire if you’re a business owner or a director of marketing / SEO and your job is in the line. PBN links? Forget it. All it takes is one leak and the whole thing is down and your 2 years of progress gone and you’re fired or out of business. Mind you most people doing “white-hat” aren’t. And the worst part is they don’t even know.

Six years ago I wrote a piece on this subject and NOTHING has changed. Amazing. This is the TL:DR - You want links from sites from real businesses related to your industry with good SEO traffic of their own. You want the link slapped in the middle of a content page with a natural reading anchor text. You want that article to look like every other page on their site. Organic, authority links from topically relevant sites. Excellent.

Glad you asked because some are tricky. Most niches are perfectly fine, exceptions that either have a higher cost or we may not be able to serve are CBD, Casino, Crypto, Betting. Adult and Pharma we need a direct conversation to find out what you need. We got the connections, but those niches aren’t as straightforward.

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